• Be competitive, be profitable

    We can help you cut manufacturing costs so dramatically that you gain a much sharper competitive edge. Not by eroding profit margins – but actually adding further profit to your bottom line. That’s the very real business proposition offered by global sourcing through Progressive Sourcing.

  • Quality assurance

    Maybe you already outsource, but here’s the difference; Progressive Sourcing deals only with carefully vetted and accredited manufacturers. Meaning we can assure you that whatever is globally sourced is of exactly the quality you require, and matches the most demanding tolerances and specifications in terms of materials and engineering.

  • Proven track record

    We are confident we can reduce your costs because we’ve been providing this service to blue chip British and European industries for years. Our buyers are highly qualified and experienced people who have worked in the manufacturing sector and understand how it all works.

  • Professional Support

    Reporting to you, Progressive Sourcing would become an integral part of your company’s purchasing and procurement supply team. In the process, we would handle the transition from in-house manufacturing to outside sourcing, without any hassle or disruption to output. Through Progressive, you get Global Sourcing with World Class Service.

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    Globally Sourced Products & Components

    Progressive Sourcing supplies a vast range of globally sourced products and components which are manufactured to meet exact and specific customer requirements and quality standards. In addition we follow strictly to our ethical sourcing policy.

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  • Machining Part

    About Us

    More and more companies have realised the benefits that can be reaped by simply allowing us to quote your new and ongoing product requirements. Progressive Sourcing specialises in helping companies raise brand awareness by providing high quality, low cost products for finish manufacturing or straight resale to your distributors or the end users.

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